Program Description

Daddybuxxx Program

All of our Affiliate content can now be accessed via Dropbox at the link below.

Please reach out at with any questions or special requests.

Hotoldermale Content

The Daddybuxxx program is easy and straightforward. When you send us a surfer who joins our site, we pay you 60% of the membership. If the membership is recurring, or the member renews, you continue to receive 60% of the membership fee. There are no fees taken out of your payout. The credit card fees come out of our percentage.

Currently our basic recurring membership is $24.95 a month. That means you can make $14.97 per member that you refer to us! Unless the member cancels, you continue to receive 60% of the membership forever.

We place a harmless cookie on the computer of each visitor you send us so if he joins the site within 30 days, you get paid.

All payouts are issues by CCBill, our payment processor. CCBill sends out weekly checks to affiliates for the previous week’s revenues.

We provide accurate real-time statistical reporting through CCBill.

We also offer a webmaster referral program. Get other webmasters to join and earn 10% of what they receive for affiliates payouts!

Two of our core values as a company are to treat people with respect and to always act in good faith. We’re committed to serving our loyal members and to helping the webmasters we work with be as successful as possible.

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